Hello and welcome to Ellyndria Knits! Let’s explore the realm of knitting together.

As you explore this site, I hope you will find some helpful articles, tips, and inspiration for your knitting, whether you are new to the craft or have been knitting for a while.

About my Journey into Knitting:

My name is Jennifer, and I’ve been into crafts since I was at least 5 years old. My dad used to bring a lot of unused paper home from work that nobody wanted, and I would create things out of it. (And draw calendars on it. Who draws calendars when they’re that young anyway? But I digress.)

Then when I was 9, my mom taught me how to crochet. At that age, I never really made anything with it other than long strips practicing chaining and single and double crochets. But in my 20s, I picked up crochet again and immediately jumped into making blankets.

Then I took a serious dive into cross stitch for a few years, and throughout my creative journey I’ve dabbled in other fiber (as well as non-fiber) arts.

It’s been over 9 years since I decided I would learn to knit. I had been living somewhere that got extremely cold in the winter, and I was tired of my feet being cold wearing store-bought socks, so I decided to learn to knit socks! I taught myself to knit from a book, and I haven’t stopped knitting since.

You could say the knitting bug has taken over my crafting life. (Which is probably a good thing, since my yarn stash has taken over my closet.)

So here was that first pair of socks I knit 9 years ago.

Look at that, I even did an Eye of Partridge heel on them! They didn’t end up being my first knitting project, but they were the one that got me hooked on knitting.

The picture shows my first pair of socks on sock blockers, knitted from self-striping yarn, containing the colors dark blue, light blue, light pink, aqua, greenish-yellow, and purple.
My first pair of knitted socks, circa May 2012

But Wait, Who is Ellyndria?

Well, Ellyndria is me. You see, I’ve played various online games and she has been my online character since 1998. She started as a wood elf, sometimes she’s human, but one thing about her that has never changed is her fearlessness about trying something new or challenging. And that is how I am about my knitting and crafting in general.

So I decided to knit socks before I learned they were supposedly difficult. Adding beads while learning to knit lace for the first time? Sure. Large project? Bring it on. I love a good challenge. But I also love simple, relaxing knits while just enjoying the beauty of the yarn. Variety is wonderful, and I hope you’ll stick around and come back to explore the wonderful variety in the world of knitting.