Are You Ready for Fall Knitting?

It’s nearly halfway through August (how did that happen?) and if you’re in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to be thinking about your fall knitting! Have you planned or started your fall knitting projects yet?

Yes, I realize it is still summer and quite hot in many places, so you may wonder why I’m talking about knitting. In my earlier post about summer knitting (click here: ideas, I mentioned a few things that could help you get ready for fall.

It’s still so hot here that the air conditioning is running nearly all the time, so sometimes it can feel quite cold in the house.(Especially when the other people who live here turn the temp really low – it’s a constant battle!) So if you live in a similarly over-air-conditioned house, working on fall projects may make sense!

The Best Fall Knitting Project to be Working on Right Now

If you’ve been dreaming of the perfect lightweight or transition cardigan or sweater, it’s best to be working on it now, so that when the cooler weather hits, it’ll be all ready to wear!

Now is the time of year when a lot of KALs (knit-a-longs) for fall garments are happening as well. If you can join a KAL, it can help keep your enthusiasm up and keep your progress going. Most of the KALs surrounding fall sweater/garment knitting last around 2-3 months, so there is plenty of time to work on your sweater. Of course, there is no rule saying that you *have* to finish within the KAL timeframe, it’s usually just a fun little nudge to get you going!

Other Great Fall Knitting Projects to be Working on Soon

Lingering WIPs

Are you like me and have lingering WIPs (works in progress) laying around?

Maybe you have a half-finished shawl (guilty) or a long-time blanket WIP (also guilty), where if you just put in some time, they would be finished before you know it. Maybe it’s even a lingering sweater WIP (still guilty.)

I know for me, that I am looking forward to finishing off those shawls, because they’re great to have around for when the weather turns cooler and windy, even if it doesn’t get super cold here.

The photo shows the beginnings of a shawl, plus the three different colored balls of yarn that will be used - light blue, black, and light grey.  WIPs are great for fall knitting.
One of my lingering shawl WIPs that I want to finish.

Planning Ahead for Winter

All the Accessories…

Maybe you’re not a garment knitter (I know, knitting a sweater can be intimidating at first!) and you just really love knitting accessories. They’re super fun and small projects that can really get you into the mood for fall and cooler weather!

Now is a great time to plan for and starting knitting that matching hat and mitts that you’ve been wanting to knit. Or maybe it’s your plan to knit hats for all your family members as gifts.

…and Socks

The picture shows a pair of striped socks and how they look on feet.  The colors of the stripes are 3 different shades of purple, 2 shades of pink, and a golden color.  These would be a perfect fall knitting project.
The most recent pair of socks I finished. They give me fall vibes, because the colors are reminiscent of the cardigan pictured up above.

Did you really think I *wasn’t* going to mention socks? (If you’re new here, I *always* think it’s the perfect time to knit socks!)

Whether you’re trying to build your own sock wardrobe, or the sock wardrobe of a family member, now is the time to pull out all the fun, fall themed yarn you have in your stash, and just have fun knitting all the socks.

If you don’t have enough pairs of handknit socks to last you between laundry days, I would definitely work on building the sock stash. I did this years ago, because I was ready to give up store-bought socks! Now any sock knitting just replaces older pairs of handknit socks in my collection.

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