Help, I’ve Lost My Knitting Mojo

It happens to all of us at some point: you’ve lost your knitting mojo and wonder how to get it back. Sometimes it takes a while to build and sneaks up on you, and sometimes it hits you suddenly. But here’s the good news (in my thoroughly untested theory, based only on anecdotal evidence): If you like knitting well enough to worry about having lost your mojo, it’ll probably come back.

5 ways to get your knitting mojo back

1. Browse Patterns and Finished Object Pictures

I find that I always get a lot of inspiration (and a lot of projects to add to my list) by browsing patterns, or looking at FO (finished object) threads.

If you use Ravelry:

It is very easy to go down pattern rabbit holes using the advanced search. Whether you’re searching for a hat to make out of DK yarn, or a shawl that uses two skeins of fingering weight, you may lose many hours browsing all the patterns.

If you’re in any groups that have FO threads, I love looking at these. Since you’re already in these groups, you’re likely to share knitting interests with the others there.

One of my favorite ways to find inspiration on Ravelry, is to do a search on some yarn I have. Then I click on the pattern ideas to see what other people have knit in that yarn. This is especially good to do before buying yarn, if you want to see how that particular color knits up in different projects.

If you don’t use Ravelry:

Instagram is of course a huge inspiration for many. It’s always fun to see what people have been knitting recently. Just remember, that if you DO get inspired, don’t spend all your time scrolling! Go knit instead!

I know Pinterest is a great place to draw inspiration from, so if you’re into it, you should be able to find some good ideas there.

Another thing you can do is look up your favorite designers to see if they have their own website or blog where they talk about or sell their designs. I find it fascinating when designers share a bit about their design process.

2. Go Stash Diving

Sometimes it can be helpful to go play around in your stash. Take it out, lay it all out, reorganize it, whatever you feel like doing with it, as long as you’re putting your hands on it and admiring it. You might find yarn that you forgot you had! I often come up with many project ideas when I do this, which is great for getting the mojo going.

3. Watch Knitting Podcasts

Watching knitting podcasts on Youtube can do wonders for motivation and knitting mojo. Prolific knitters impress me and it always makes me want to go knit more or try new patterns.

4. Plan to Join a KAL

It may seem like a silly thing to join a KAL, or knit-a-long, when you have no knitting mojo, however, it can be quite motivating when people start sharing their yarn choices and the start date is approaching.

Try to pick a KAL that is still a few weeks away from starting. This way you’ll have time to shop for yarn, or go stash diving. It’ll also give you time to get your project bag ready with your needles and notions, and time to wind your yarn.

By the time the KAL starts, you’ll be quite excited to participate. Then you’ll keep getting motivated when you see everyone else’s WIP photos as well!

5. Go Yarn Shopping! (Even if it’s just browsing.)

Whether you go to a local yarn store, or browse your favorite online shops, I always find so much yarn I want to knit! I love dreaming about different color combinations and what I would make. Of course, this could be hard on your bank account if you’re not careful! But I often find that I get a lot of inspiration even if I’m just window shopping and not actually purchasing the yarn.

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