This picture shows a pair of knitted socks with flowers on them.

Summer Sock Knitting

Summer is the perfect time to knit socks! (As I have mentioned here before.)

Why? They are small, so they won’t lay on your lap and make you hot. You don’t need too much yarn, so they make a perfect portable project. Plus, if you knit yourself some new socks during the summer, your feet will have the perfect toasty accessories once the cooler weather finally makes its appearance in autumn.

Welcome to My Garden Socks

Naturally I’ve been admiring all the blooms that have been blooming at this time of year. Since I can’t grow a real garden, I decided to put one on my socks.

Welcome to My Garden Socks, using miniskeins for the contrasting color

While my original idea was to have each “band” of flowers in a different color, I thought the socks would also look great knit in just two colors. So I’ve been working on that.

Progressing on a two color version

I wanted to take the guesswork out of the colorwork.

Which size do I knit? Which needle size do I pick? Do I have to go up or down needle sizes while knitting them? How do I actually make them fit? If you’ve ever had any of these questions when it comes to stranded colorwork knitting, I’ve answered them for you in this pattern.

I give guidance on choosing the size to knit, as well as the needle size to choose.

I have made these socks to be knit on one needle size throughout the pattern – no more forgetting to change needle sizes and frogging.

There is a full 1.5 pages of Notes and Tips, to help you achieve well fitting socks.

Since each “band” of flowers is rather wide, I have also included an optional chart to add some length to the sock after completing the main chart, and before you knit the toe, if needed, to help you reach the correct length for you or your recipient.

There are also two toe lengths included to choose from.

Summer sock knitting should be relaxing.

I hope that my pattern provides a good knitting experience with a pair of well-fitting socks at the end. And with these socks, you can keep the flowers blooming all summer…and beyond.

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